The Board of Appeals is a six member quasi-judicial board appointed by the Mayor and Commissioners, which is responsible for hearing and deciding appeals where it is alleged there is an error in the enforcement of the zoning ordinance, to hear and decide only such special exceptions as the Board is specifically authorized to pass, to hear and decide requests for variances. The Board of Appeals meets on the fourth Thursday of the month, as needed, at the Town Hall Meeting Room at 7PM.

Board of  Appeals Members Term
Gabrielle Oldham, Chairman 3 year term 10/8/2018
S.J. Anderson 2 year term 10/8/2018
Peg Hardin 1 year term 10/8/2018
Maurice Tenney, Jr. 2 year term 10/8/2018
Raymond Mitchell 3 year term 10/8/2018

Board of Appeals Meeting Minutes

Board of Appeals Agendas

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