106 South Main Street
North East, MD 21901

Kendrick S. Natale II, Director

Telephone: 410-287-5801
Fax:              410-287-8267
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Mission & Services

The mission of the Finance Department is to ensure that the Town’s financial resources are collected, protected, invested and distributed in a fiscally responsible manner; and to provide financial services to a wide range of entities including citizens. taxpayers, businesses, departments, and employees of the Town with an effective and efficient team of employees.

The Finance Department is responsible for the collection and custody of revenues and other receipts and the control of expenditures based on the Mayor and Commissioners’ approved budgets. It also maintains financial systems structured on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), prepares financial reports for use by management and outside parties and administers planning for all debt issuances.

Fiscal Year 2016 Accomplishments:

  1. FY 2015 Audited Financial Statements were submitted to the Maryland Legislative Auditor’s Office early.
  2. Developed a new Chart of Accounts in order to make budgeting and expense tracking more effective.
  3. Worked with the Town’s existing financial institutions to consolidate bank accounts and obtain new services/benefits (e.g. direct deposit, e-check payments)

Fiscal Year 2017 Goals:

  1. Implement new software to improve efficiency of the department’s operations.
  2. Develop a time line to issue a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Town.
  3. Revise various financial policies to reflect current operations and best practices standards.