A listing of all open purchasing solicitations is below.

Electronically submitted bid proposals will not be accepted. Bid requests are provided as a .pdf document for all vendors to download. All vendors wishing to submit a proposal should contact the Town of North East as described in the document to ensure they receive any addenda and/or updated information. If a request includes a mandatory pre-bid conference, all interested vendors must attend, that is where additional information such as scope and specifications will be discussed. No bids will be accepted from vendors who do not attend a mandatory pre-bid conference, if one is stated in the request.

The Town of North East is not responsible for any information received from sources outside the Town of North East’s Finance Department, including downloads from the Town’s website. Vendors obtaining electronic copies of bid requests from the website are directly responsible for notifying the Town of their interest in order to receive updates. 

When the funding source does not preclude the Mayor and Commissioners of the Town of North East from doing so, they reserve the right to show preference to local bidders in the purchase of supplies, equipment and services. The amount shall not exceed six percent (6%) of the amount bid or quoted and/or sixty thousand dollars ($60,000), whichever is less. A “local bidder” is defined as an individual or business that maintains a place of business or maintains an inventory of merchandise and/or equipment in Cecil County, is licensed by Cecil County and/or the State of Maryland, if required, and is subject to the Cecil County real and/or personal property taxes. Any local bidder in default on payment of any town, county, or state tax or license shall not be eligible to receive preference until all taxes or licenses due are paid. Notice of preference availability shall be included in the invitation to bid and in all advertisements.