The Mayor and Commissioners of the Town of North East are soliciting sealed “Reverse Bids” from all contractors who wish to participate in as needed snow removal from Town roads during the winter season of 2017.  Contractors must be licensed and insured (including workers compensation).

In a “Reverse Bid” process contractors submit a list of available equipment and hourly rates which is to include all costs for supplies and labor. The Town will open the bids, create a list of eligible contractors, and will call contractors as needed during snow events in the order of “lowest responsible bidder.” If a contractor is added to the list they will be required to submit proof of insurance to the Town. Sealed bids must be submitted to the Town Administrator by 1:00 PM on or before January 13, 2017 at Town Hall, 106 S. Main Street, North East, Maryland 21901.  Faxed or email bids will not be accepted.

When the funding source does not preclude the Mayor and Commissioners of the Town of North East from doing so, they reserve the right to show preference to local bidders in the purchase of supplies, equipment, or services. The amount shall not exceed six percent (6%) of the amount bid or quoted and/or sixty thousand dollars ($60,000), whichever is less. A “local bidder” is defined as an Individual, or business that maintains a place of business or maintains an inventory of merchandise and/or equipment in Cecil County, is licensed by Cecil County or the State of Maryland, if required, and is subject to Cecil County real and/or personal property taxes. Any local bidder in default on payment of any town, county or state tax or license shall not be eligible to receive preference until all taxes or licenses due are paid.